Since we opened, we've been called a number of things. Some say Trinity. Others say Modern Greek Taverna. We've also been called Trinity on the Beaches. So after months of careful consideration, we've realized we need a name that truly defines us. Our identity in a single word. Allow us to reintroduce ourselves.
We are Paralia.

Paralia is more than a great place on the beach. It's the feeling of being transported to another world. To a vibrant seaside village where the white sand meets the turquoise blue waters of the Aegean. Where the ocean is part of everyday life and every night is a celebration. Where the best ingredients from the land and sea meet.

Live Greek. Escape to Paralia.


Re-Opening Soon


1681 Lake Shore Blvd East
Toronto, Ontario M4L3W6

Phone: 416.698.3456

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