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Established in 1929, the Ontario Volleyball Association (OVA) is the official governing body and provides the organizational structure for the sport of Volleyball in the province of Ontario. The OVA is involved in every facet of the sport by offering programs at all levels for both indoor and beach volleyball. The organization strives to provide all Ontario residents with fair and equal access to participation and personal growth through recreational, competitive, elite, instructional, administrative, coaching and officiating programs.

OVA programs and volunteer activities are funded and supported by the Ontario Ministry of Health Promotion, membership fees, user fees, corporate partners, municipalities and fund raising activities.

The OVA has been a tenant at Ashbridges Bay for almost 20 years. During this period we have organized, marketed and delivered large scale beach volleyball events including provincial and national championships, international competitions and recreational tournaments, in addition to regular weekend events. The OVA intends to bring all of this experience to bear in support of adult recreational beach volleyball enthusiasts, youth beach volleyball players, the City of Toronto and the local community. The partnership between the OVA, a public, not-for-profit organization and the City of Toronto has lead to the delivery of unparalleled beach volleyball program opportunities for children, youth and adults and beach volleyball enthusiasts at large.


OVA - ABBV - Beach Volleyball Sponsor Sheet